New Members


Indoorwalking is a great investment which defines a club as an industry leader and innovator, providing its members with the very latest programs and technologies.

Creating unique member experiences that drive loyalty and passion engendering both member retention and increasing new membership.

Drive New Member Acquisition from the excitement of your Indoorwalking program launch.  We provide a complete marketing package for clubs to support their Indoorwalking Program launch.

Member Retention

Indoorwalking provides a great platform for weight loss management and has been shown to improve medium and long term member retention rates

Club Management

With its standard 45 minute class and option of a 30 minute class, a shortened 30 minute class,  Indoorwalking is an excellent tool for managing the peaks and troughs in club usage.

  • Increase traffic in the early morning  with 45 minute classes from 6am, allowing commuters to be showered & out by 7am.
  • Run more classes during peak times with setup, class, and break down all within an hour.
  • Drive lunchtime usage with 30-minute short classes.
  • No monthly license fees for either the club or the certified instructor.

Brand Image


A club’s brand image is the personality (real and imaginary, qualities and shortcomings) that is impressed in its customers’ mind.  In a highly competitive fitness industry, a strong and differentiated brand image is vital in attracting and retaining members.  Brand image is developed over time through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme, and is authenticated through the customers’ direct experience.

Indoorwalking is a highly innovative program which lends itself to advertising messaging positioning a club as innovative, adventurous and pioneering, with an international point of view.

Clubs that have launched Indoorwalking have experienced a new “phenomena” as the program draws a broad demographic of fanatical users.