A new cardio group exercise program is born – group elliptical classes suitable for everybody:

Exploding onto an unsuspecting fitness industry, first in Europe, then Asia, Middle East and Africa; Indoorwalking has now arrived in North America. Indoorwalking is now in 25 countries and over 700 clubs worldwide! This addictive group exercise program is set to spread like wildfire as participants crave the all body benefits of cross training with none of the drudgery of soulless treadmills or ellipticals with TVs.

The Indoorwalker is a specialized cross trainer which uses a patented inertia system to produce a smooth and biomechanically correct motion. The motion simultaneously carries and resists the participant at a pace ranging from slow walk up all the way up to a full sprint; add the music and encouragement of a high energy group exercise instructor Рand you can see why Indoorwalking is so addictive.  Class attendees can burn up to 700 calories in a 45 minute workout with NO impact on the body.

What sets Indoorwalking apart from other branded group exercise programs?

  • No License Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Auto-ship
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Outstanding service