Clair Mason
Clair MasonSVP Sales, Master Instructor
After working for IBM for 11 years as an Account Manager it was my dream to pursue my passion. I couldn’t live without exercise and have been a group fitness fanatic all my adult life. Having owned and operated INTENSITY for 10 years, I set up Indoorwalking USA in 2012 and am extremely excited about rolling out the Indoorwalking program in clubs across America.
Kelsey Martin
Kelsey MartinMaster Instructor
I love fitness and sports. Growing up I was extremely athletic, competing in high level gymnastics as well as tennis, soccer and track. I graduated in 2010 from The University of Connecticut (Go Huskies) with a degree in Kinesiology; Sport Administration and Coaching.  Coming from a family of school teachers I have found my perfect job teaching people how to teach Indoorwalking!
Daniel Martino
Daniel MartinoLead Choreographer, Indoorwalking Instructor, Master Technician
Dan went from blending smoothies to blending music and moves. Dan was born to be a group fitness instructor. He mixes together equal amounts of his ADD with his OCD to give his class attendees a work out loaded with Monster Energy!
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