Benefits to Users

Low impact on joints:
Indoorwalking reproduces the patterns of movement of walking or running, but with the feet constantly supported on platforms. The elliptical rotation produces a movement that provides a sensation of floating. In this way, stress is reduced on the joints and a safe yet intense workout is provided.

High Calorie Consumption:
An average 45 minute session consume more than 700 calories. Unlike a treadmill or spin bike, Indoorwalking involving all of the major muscle groups producing a higher caloric burn.

Suitable for Everyone:
The ease of use for users of all fitness levels, along with the benefits of being low impact, makes Indoorwalking an ideal choice for anyone looking to get fit and lose some weight.

Natural Movement:
The elliptical motion of Indoorwalking is described by users as natural and easy to maintain. They find that it stimulates the body’s natural movements with less fatigue. Being an easy, fun, and natural activity means that more people make a habit of regular exercise.

Method of Training:
Indoorwalking is a training method. Indoorwalking incorporates: 4 positions, 5 grips, 5 resistance levels, and 4 workout zones. Combined with good music and an energetic trainer allows for fun and effective sessions.