Get Your Certification

Education is an essential ingredient of the program and Indoorwalking has developed a comprehensive certification course.  Indoorwalking’s variety of movements, positions and grasps together with the use of free weights and bands make the training challenging and rewarding.

To be a certified Indoorwalking instructor you have to complete the following learning modules:

  • Indoorwalking and music
  • Biomechanics of grips and positions
  • The cardiovascular regimen
  • Class design and programming
  • Indoorwalking technique
  • Use of free weights & bands
  • Safety
  • Class promotion & marketing

AFAA Approved

Indoorwalking is AFAA approved. Instructors can earn 6 CEU credits for completing the Indoorwalking Basic Orientation workshop.


Basic Instructor Orientation is $250 per certification: Training courses are run at the Indoorwalking Training Center in Norwalk, CT or maybe booked at a club’s own facility with a minimum of 8 attendees.